The Christensen Difference

All Christensen yachts are built with the finest composite materials available. Our cutting-edge construction process includes large-scale vacuum infusion coupled with proprietary in-house techniques to create a strength-to-weight ratio seven times stronger than steel and solid laminate. This makes all Christensen yachts true deep water, transoceanic global explorers. The superior strength of infused composite construction is shown in the photo to the right. When balanced between two points on bow and stern inferior construction methods will cause other hulls to buckle as much as eight inches, while hulls built at Christensen have a barely measurable deflection.

Composite hulls are fully insulated, thus eliminating the “double boiler” effect, especially in warmer cruising climates, which in solid laminate and metal boats results in significant condensation that can lead to corrosion, damage of interior finishes and mold infestation. In addition, the foam-cored structure of Christensen construction provides a natural absorption of mechanical and structural energy that significantly reduces shipboard noise transmission and vibration.

Fiberglass construction results in significantly less maintenance, freeing the crew to focus on keeping the yacht running like a five star hotel. Metal hulls often result in blistering, rust, corrosion and the growth of mold. Every captain and yacht manager knows that the success of the yacht for its owner and guests relies on its crew. With more crew man-hours available to enhance the yachting experience, a composite fiberglass boat offers a distinct advantage in overall success for the vessel.